The Universal Style Dimensions

The first three styles, depicted at the top of the heptagon, Sporty, Traditional Elegant, are Classic or Core Styles. They are timeless, enduring styles which allow for easy coordination and wardrobe building. The last four styles, depicted at the bottom of the heptagon, Romantic, Alluring/Magnetic, Creative, Dramatic are Non-Classic or Accent Styles, adding variety and personality to a wardrobe.

As multi-faceted individuals, having only one style will rarely meet all of our needs-we would be too one-dimensions with only one style. The synergy of combining the Seven Styles is what gives us uniqueness and forms our Universal Style. Optimally, we should select one of the three Classic Styles as the basis of our wardrobe and then choose one or more of the remaining styles (Classic or Non-Classic) to personalize the look.

The three Core Classics identify who we are, and how we convey ourselves to the world. Each Core Classic has a distinct motivation, energy and voice. Sporty (Outer-Diercted) is forward-thinking, fast moving restless, dynamic, postive with an indpedence spirit, and requires lots of freedom of movements and expression, Traditional (Inner and Outer-Directed) is thoughtful and practical, taking into account all aspects of a situation-including their own internal motivation and outside influences/circumstances, Elegant (inner-Directed) takes an intense, introspective. discerning view of their innermost feelings without interaction with the people around them ebfore making a deciion or taking action.

Courtesy of StyleSource: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles

The 3 Core Classic Styles